The XVth International Congress on Rheology,,, August 3 – 8, 2008, in Monterey, California, USA. Organised by G. Fuller (Stanford U) and R. Powell (UC Davis). Proposed symposia topics include: Polymer melts; polymer solutions; computational rheology; suspensions and colloids; foams, emulsions and surfactants; intrf. rheology, microfluids and single molecule methods; granular materials; solid rheology and composites; non-newt. fl. mechanics; rheomettry; microstructural modeling; flow instabilities; pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foods; process engineering.
The participation of HSR members was impressive. There were 22 papers in which HSR memberes were (co)authors. Please see the 2009 Newsletter for a list of these papers.
In 2008 there was neither SoR nor ESR meetings because of the organisation of the International Congress of Rheology in the same year