The PPS-2009 Europe/Africa Regional Meeting co-organized by Evan MItsoulis and George Georgiou, was held in Larnaca, Cyprus, October 18-21, 2009. It was by all measures a truly international Conference, drawing scientists and engineers from 30 countries. The Conference included 2 plenary lectures (by Prof. Roger Tanner on an Historical Perspective of Computations in Polymer Processing, and by Vladimir Pavlinek, the recipient of the prestigious Lambla award, on Electrorheological Fluids). It also included 19 keynote lectures. The scientific papers were presented in 16 major themes of polymer processing. A total number of 217 papers were divided into two categories: 139 oral and 78 posters. This Conference promoted and facilitated scientific exchange, collaboration and interactions between participants as well as their organizations in advancing polymer science and technology.