The 2008 Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society took place in Salerno (Italy), on June 15-19, 2008, at the Grand Hotel Salerno. Scientist and engineers working in polymer processing and related fields presented papers on several symposia topics.Papers presented by HSR members include the following:

  • Keynote Lecture: Simulation of Poly-Tetra- Fluoro-Ethylene (PTFE) Paste in Contraction Flows, Evan Mitsoulis and Savvas G. Hatzikiriakos
  • Keynote Lecture: A finite element based methodology for solving moving boundary problems with large deformations in complex geometries: Applications in polymer processing and rheology, J. Tsamopoulos, Y. Dimakopoulos.
  • Linear and non-linear viscoelasticity of polydisperse star/linear polymer blends, Salvatore Coppola; Letizia Balacca; Sandra Righi; Dimitris Vlassopoulos; Evelyne van Ruymbeke
  • Rethinking the Mathematical Modeling of Film Blowing, J. Vlachopoulos