Giuseppe (Pino) Marrucci completed his higher education at the University of Naples, graduating with his Chemical Engineering Ph.D. in 1961. He remained at the University following graduation, serving as Assistant to the Chair of Industrial Chemistry and working his way into an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering position (1965). Marrucci accepted a position as Chair of Principles of Chemical Engineering at the University of Palermo in 1970. He returned to the University of Naples in 1976, accepting chair positions in Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics as well as Thermodynamics. Marrucci remained at the University of Naples for the remainder of his career, strengthening its reputation and activity as a destination for rheology.

Marrucci’s service to rheology extends well beyond his scientific contributions. He has regularly hosted or co-hosted rheology meetings, including three meetings on the island of Capri near his beloved University of Naples and the VIIIth International Congress on Rheology in Naples (1980). Marucci was awarded the Bingham Medal in 2003. He is a wonderfully clear communicator and a spirited participant in the international community of rheologists whose contributions are always marked by a rare combination of intelligence and grace.