The 16th International Congress on Rheology took place in Lisbon, Portugal, between August 5 to 10, 2012. It was organised by Joao Maia. 950 participants were registered, representing 27 rheological societies. Scientific papers were presented in 16 sections and 5 poster sessions. 6 plenary lectures were held:

  • Paula Moldenaers: Morphology Development in Immiscible Blends. Effect of Component Rheology, Confinement and Interfacial Modification
  • Masao Doi: Onsager‘s variational Principle Rheology in Soft Matter
  • Gareth McKinley: Large amplitude oscillatory deformation. A Set of Tools for Rheological Fingerprinting of Complex Liquids and Soft Solids
  • Gerald Fuller: Interfacial Rheology of Biological Interfaces
  • Han Meijer: Mechanical Performance of Polymers
  • Wolfgang Knauss: Linear and Non-Linear Viscoelastic Behavior