The 5th International Meeting of the Hellenic Society of Rheology (HSR 2007) took place in Rhodes, in 5 – 10 of June, 2007, together with the XVth International Workshop on Numerical Methods in Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows. The chair of the organizing commitee was Evan Mitsoulis.

Special emphasis was given to the following fields of research:

  • rheology and rheometry
  • structure and dynamics of polymers
  • colloids and suspensions
  • molecular modeling
  • numerical simulations experimental
  • theoretical & computational fluid dynamics

Scientific Committee

  • E. Mitsoulis (Chair), Greece
  • A. Alexandrou (Co-Chair), Cyprus
  • A. Beris, USA
  • G. Georgiou, Cyprus
  • A. Gotsis, Greece
  • S. Hatzikiriakos, Canada
  • V. Mavrantzas, Greece
  • A. Payatakes, Greece
  • D. Theodorou, Greece
  • J. Tsamopoulos, Greece
  • Ch. Tsenoglou, Athens
  • D. Vlassopoulos, Greece

Organizing Committee

  • E. Mitsoulis (Chair), Athens
  • V. Mavrantzas (Co-Chair), Patras
  • A. Payatakes, Patras
  • N. Pelekasis, Volos
  • D. Theodorou, Athens
  • J. Tsamopoulos, Patras
  • Ch. Tsenoglou, Athens
  • D. Vlassopoulos, Heraklion